The Process &


First meeting

I arrange a convenient time for a free ‘Meet & Greet’ in your home, to chat through your requirements. I will also show you my comfortable, secure van that your dog will be travelling in

Second meeting

I pick up my new running buddy in my safe and secure Land Rover Dog Running van. We head to the South Downs for our first run, on or off the lead as instructed by you

Third meeting

The South Downs becomes our playground and best running buddies are made!

Finishing Up

Winding down with a good drink of water, muddy paws and any poop rolls cleaned and dried off, all ready to be dropped home

Press & hold the “?” for more information

On lead running if required!

Water bowl


The Dog Runner ready!!!

Your FAQ's

Where will you take my dog running?

I am lucky to know the South Downs extremely well. Your dog will come on one of my planned running routes which I can ensure will provide adequate exercise for your dog on or off the lead, well away from any roads. A few of our starting points are; The Devils Dyke, Ditchling Beacon, Benfield Valley, Mile Oak farm, Woodingdean Castle Hill and many more.

Can I see where you have run?

Yes! I record all of our runs on my Garmin GPS watch, I will share the route and stats with you.

How long do you run for?

I run for a minimum of 1 hour, starting from out of the van and hitting the first trail. The usual distance covered is 4-6 miles.

What happens if you come across livestock?

The South Downs is home to sheep and cows who are forever moving into different grazing fields. I follow ’Stockwatch” on Facebook which is run by farmers, updating where their cattle and sheep will be grazing so I can avoid these areas. I am forever scanning the landscape and will always pop the dogs on lead as we approach unexpected livestock and choose an alternative route where possible.

What happens if they roll in poop or get muddy?

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a smelly or muddy dog. I have a portable dog wash, shampoo and plenty of gloves for these occasions!

Can I book my dog in for an occasional run?

Yes of course. You will have access to your own portal where you can request an ad-hoc run on any day that you like. I always try to accommodate them where I can, space permitting.

How do you transport my dog?

I have a Land Rover van that has been fully fitted with secure crates, soft beds, travel water bowls, AC and a fan, ensuring your beloved fur babies are safe and comfortable.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I aim to be as flexible as possible around your needs. 24 hours notice is much appreciated to ensure there is no cancellation fee of 50%.


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